Why The Shared Economy Is The Way of the Future

Ownership is a broken model.

We all love owning things. . .

Whether it’s that shiny Mercedes,

Or the vacation house in Whistler,

But as the world’s middle class becomes more affluent,

It’s harder and more expensive to keep up the lifestyle we’re used to.

But now it’s becoming easier to share things. . .

Whether it’s companies like Car to Go, AirBnB, or DogVacay

Technology has allowed us to connect in ways we never thought possible.

And give more people access rather than ownership.

After all.  . .

Who needs more junk in their garage?

We are excited to introduce Jessica as our next speaker.

She is a social venture strategist for leaders in business innovation.

She is the co-founder and managing partner for Social Impact Tech Accelerator.

Her work empowers businesses to use tools as a social change.

She has directed over a dozen social enterprises committed to a new collaborative economy.

You can buy tickets and find more out about TEDxStanleyPark HERE


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