Archive for 2018 Speakers

Amy Color

Amy is an intimacy therapy coach, international trainer and clinical supervisor. Her unique techniques repair and deepen intimacy and connection. She gives couples tools that foster physical intimacy.

Andrea Menard

Andrea is a Métis singer, actress and speaker. She crosses cultural boundaries and promotes unity among all nations by sharing inspiring stories, singing uplifting songs and speaking from her heart.

Camille Mehta

Camille is an artist, teacher, poet and mother of four. Her mission is to end the isolation of women and families who struggle with maternal mental illness.

Claire Snyman

Claire is an author, blogger and advocate for patient and healthcare collaboration. She is passionate about guiding people to put their health in their own hands.

Dominic Rubino

Dominic is a husband, father and an entrepreneur. He asks himself “How can I..?” and “What if…” and helps leaders up their game by using new ways of seeing.

Jenny Zou

Jenny is an 11 year-old student, an immigrant, and a concerned global citizen. She believes that bravery and kindness learnt from Elementary School can help to reduce global conflicts.

Karen McGregor

Karen is an international speaker and trainer, and founder of the Speaker Success Formula. She trains leaders to design and deliver powerful global messages and transformative live events.

Mohammed Alsaleh

Mohammed is a Syrian Canadian Advocate. He has worked for 3 years in the Canadian refugee resettlement sector and is currently a Refugee Sponsorship Trainer.

Roger Wong

Roger is a world-renowned advocate and educator for advancing senior care and well-being. He is a geriatrics doctor, clinical professor, Executive Associate Dean, and 13th President of Canadian Geriatrics Society.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah is an entrepreneur with an Industrial Design Masters in LED Lighting and Biomimicry. She is the CEO of Nano-Lit Technologies, a next generation Quantum Dot lighting company.