• Zamina Mithani
    Zamina is a business management student and the president of the Interfaith Collaboration for Kindness Foundation. She is passionate about diversity, social responsibility, and values-based leadership.
  • Victoria Welsby
    Victoria is a body image activist, confidence expert and Adjunct Professor. She helps people fall in love with themselves and is dedicated to changing the way we view fat bodies.
  • Theresa Sabo
    Theresa is a member and co-chair of Patients for Patient Safety Canada and a WHO Patient Safety Champion. She suffered harm from medical errors twice and now speaks and advocates for safer healthcare.
  • Sarah Morgan
    Sarah is an entrepreneur with an Industrial Design Masters in LED Lighting and Biomimicry. She is the CEO of Nano-Lit Technologies, a next generation Quantum Dot lighting company.
  • Roger Wong
    Roger is a world-renowned advocate and educator for advancing senior care and well-being. He is a geriatrics doctor, clinical professor, Executive Associate Dean, and 13th President of Canadian Geriatrics Society.
  • Mohammed Alsaleh
    Mohammed is a Syrian Canadian Advocate. He has worked for 3 years in the Canadian refugee resettlement sector and is currently a Refugee Sponsorship Trainer.
  • Karen McGregor
    Karen is an international speaker and trainer, and founder of the Speaker Success Formula. She trains leaders to design and deliver powerful global messages and transformative live events.
  • Jenny Zou
    Jenny is an 11 year-old student, an immigrant, and a concerned global citizen. She believes that bravery and kindness learnt from Elementary School can help to reduce global conflicts.
  • Dominic Rubino
    Dominic is a husband, father and an entrepreneur. He asks himself “How can I..?” and “What if…” and helps leaders up their game by using new ways of seeing.
  • Claire Snyman
    Claire is an author, blogger and advocate for patient and healthcare collaboration. She is passionate about guiding people to put their health in their own hands.
  • Camille Mehta
    Camille is an artist, teacher, poet and mother of four. Her mission is to end the isolation of women and families who struggle with maternal mental illness.
  • Andrea Menard
    Andrea is a Métis singer, actress and speaker. She crosses cultural boundaries and promotes unity among all nations by sharing inspiring stories, singing uplifting songs and speaking from her heart.
  • Amy Color
    Amy is an intimacy therapy coach, international trainer and clinical supervisor. Her unique techniques repair and deepen intimacy and connection. She gives couples tools that foster physical intimacy.