Should Culture Be Banned?

Do you think culture should be banned?

Our next speaker Doctor Gurdeep Parhar thinks so.

Culture is often used to identify with a particular group.

But it also deeply divides us from each other which leads to conflict and violence.

You just need to turn on the news as proof.

In fact, most of the world’s problems can be traced back to culture differences.

Whether it’s recent attacks in Paris, or the shootout in San Bernardino. or the hate speech you hear from prominent politicians, culture is at the root of the issue.

So why do we promote culture diversity when it is such a problem?

Canada prides itself on being a multicultural country which celebrates diversity – from Francophone, to Chinese, to Middle Eastern to Indian and many more.

Countries all across the world look to Canada as a role model.

But is multiculturalism something we should celebrate at all?

Doctor Parhar is an Executive Associate Dean at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Parhar’s clinical practice in Vancouver Coastal Health and in Fraser Health focuses on immigrants, refugees, workers’ health and patients with severe disabilities.

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