Past Speaker

  • Stephen O’Keefe
    How To Listen Better – Tips From A Deaf Guy
    Stephen O'Keefe is a recovering lawyer, an entrepreneur, investor and devoted Dad. The doctors told his parents that he'd never be able to speak and Stephen has devoted his life to proving them wrong.
  • Tamer Mohamed
    3D Printing Human Tissue: Where Engineering Meets Biology
    Tamer Mohamed is an engineer, innovator and entrepreneur. He co-founded and serves as President and CEO of Aspect Biosystems, a biotechnology company focused on 3D printing human tissues.
  • Jacqueline Way
    How To Be Happy Every Day: It Will Change The World
    Jacqueline Way was inspired by her 3 young children to launch 356give, a not-for-profit organization that changes the world one child, one give, one day at a time.
  • Jonathan Cote
    Can Driverless Cars Save Our Cities From Cars?
    Jonathan X. Cote is the Mayor of the City of New Westminster and serves as the Vice Chair of Metro Vancouver’s regional planning committee. He is a passionate advocate for transportation issues.
  • Melissa Haynes
    A Powerful Ghost Story: Have The Courage To Dream Big
    Melissa Haynes is an author and conservationist whose mission is to encourage us to live our lives with courage and passion.
  • Steve Gill
    Addiction – Don’t Let The Bear Catch You
    Steve Gill is a peak performance results coach specializing in drug and alcohol addiction. His mission in life is to empower others to find their purpose and make massive shifts.
  • Jill Prescott
    Being Vulnerable Gave Me Freedom From Sexual Abuse And Bullying
    Jill Prescott is an author and intuitive healer. She has dedicated her life to helping people move through trauma to freedom with love.
  • Mike Shaw
    Grateful For Grief – How To Live A Full Life After Grief
    Mike Shaw is an accomplished freestyle skier and ski-coach with a unique story of human triumph. His story will empower you to help the chronic grievers in your life.
  • Elizabeth May
    Electoral Dysfunction and Reform
    Elizabeth May is Leader of the Green Party of Canada, an Officer of the Order of Canada and the proud Member of Parliament for Saanich – Gulf Islands.
  • Shaun Frankson
    How To Save Earth With 5 Minutes A Day Of Responsible Consumerism
    Shaun Frankson has inspired millions of responsible consumers to ask companies to use Social Plastic to help alleviate global poverty and reduce ocean plastic.
  • Vikram Vij
    How To Guarantee Your Friends Will Like You More
    Vikram Vij is an Indian chef who runs award-winning restaurants - Vij’s, Rangoli and My Shanti. Vikram is a passionate advocate of eating locally-produced foods.
  • Ashley Zahabian
    Acting More Rational – Changing Our Automatic Behavior
    Ashley Zahabian is a powerful young thought leader. From her base in New York she spreads awareness on the power of emotional intelligence to crack the glass ceiling over humanity’s growth and evolution.
  • Bill Stainton
    How To Be A More Creative Person
    Bill Stainton is a 29-time Emmy® Award winning executive producer, speaker and author. From his base in Seattle he helps innovative business leaders and their teams create breakthrough results.