How To Achieve All Your Dreams

What do you want?

A better job?

A happy marriage?

A new home?

Do you ever wonder why some people get everything they want?

And others never seem to get anywhere, no matter how hard they try?

We want to introduce you to our final speaker, Dan.

He is going to share with you the secret of achieving your dreams.

Since he was a young boy he wondered what the difference between success and failure was.

Dan is a true immigrant success story.

He came to Canada at the age of 14.

He couldn’t speak a word of English and didn’t know anybody

By 17, his dad’s business went bankrupt.

He had to grow up real fast. . .

He had to take care of his family.

Through hard work, determination and guidance from his mentors Dan grew to become a multimillionaire.

Now he owns over 20 companies,

And invests in real-estate around the world.

Yet still has time to teach.

He is also a best-selling author,

He writes about how to become successful. . .

About how to change your mindset,

And get what you want.

If you would like to learn the secret to Dan’s success, check out TEDxStanleyPark HERE

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