How the Perception of Men are Hurting All of Us

Men are supposed to be strong,

They are supposed to hide their feelings.

But these stereotypes produce a culture where men can’t seek help.

This can lead to isolation. . .

Depression. . .

Suicide and even aggression.

In fact, according to Reuters, men who suffer from depression may show very different symptoms than women.

For example, anger, self-destruction, and loneliness rather than sadness.

We are excited to announce our next speaker,

Connor is the Founder of ManTalks . . .

It is a community to support men’s health and wellness. .

By giving them the tools to be better fathers, husbands, and leaders in their communities.

Connor went from working in the gravel pits of Northern Albert, to traveling the world singing Opera, to working for the largest company in the world, Apple.

As a boy, Connor struggled with his love for singing. . .

Because it wasn’t the macho thing to do.

The other kids physically and emotionally abused him. . .

Eventually he went onto become an opera singer, performing in Germany, Czech Republic, China, Italy, New York, Toronto and Vancouver.

Connor now helps people embrace themselves and their abilities. . .

And live a more impactful, meaningful life both professionally and at home.

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