Discover the “World’s Strangest Secret” to Achieving Success & Wealth from One of Vancouver’s Most Dynamic Entrepreneurs

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Peter Legge will be one of the featured speakers at TEDxStanleyPark on May 23 in Vancouver. Recently I had a chance to interview Peter about his topic. He said that he will be talking about “The World’s Strangest Secret” at TEDxStanleyPark and why only 5% of the population achieve success and wealth and the rest will either be broke or struggling. For those of you that haven’t heard of Peter Legge, he is currently the Chairman and CEO of Canada Wide Media Ltd. which is the largest independently-owned magazine publishing company in Western Canada

He and his parents started out as immigrants from England, moving Peter to Canada when he was only 12. His first job out of school was writing for a newspaper, until he discovered that selling ads for a radio station was more profitable. In 1976, he took a 10-cent TV listings magazine and turned that into a print and digital empire that currently generates more than $ 25 million in sales annually. It’s an inspiring rags-to-riches story that has been told and retold many times at many different venues where Peter goes to share his story of entrepreneurial success as an international speaker and author.

“The World’s Strangest Secret” is also the title of a book (and audio recording of the same name) that was first recorded by Earl Nightingale, an author, speaker and famous U.S. radio personality with a gravelly voice who was one of the pioneers in the field of personal development. Peter was inspired by Nightingale’s book and will share several stories at TEDxStanleyPark of real people who took what little they had and parlayed that into something special using this ‘strange secret’.

I find it refreshing that Mr. Legge still stays humble and open-minded to learning whatever he can to take his business even further. He believes in getting advice from people who are more successful than him like Joe Segal, who is one of Vancouver’s most well-known businessmen and philanthropists. It was Segal who inspired Peter to write “The Runway of Life”, and also “Lunch with Joe”. Despite his hectic schedule, Peter never runs out of books to write (he has currently written 15 books) and is now working on a new one that’s due for release this year.

Peter believes in giving back, having been told by his father “that to be successful in Canada, you have to give back to the community more than you take”. He’s been involved the Variety Club Telethon, the Salvation Army and the Vancouver Board of Trade, among other things. In fact, Peter gave me not one but two of his books as I was leaving and also granted me double the amount of time I requested (I only asked for 30 minutes) for my interview so he really walks his talk.

I find Peter to be living proof of “the world’s strangest secret”, which I invite you to discover when you come and listen to his 18-minute presentation at TEDxStanleyPark on May 23rd at the Granville Island Stage at #1585 Johnston St., Granville Island. I’ve heard him speak in person a few years ago and not only is he warm and funny, he is also a fantastic story-teller and probably one of the kindest and most authentic people I’ve ever met so make sure to get your tickets before they sell out to pick up some life-changing insights.


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