Affiliate TOS Page



Group Leaders must satisfy the following 3 requirements:

  • You are reputable, have a strong brand and a large local network.
  • You relish the idea of attending the TEDxStanleyPark 2018 Conference.
  • You are willing to reach out to your network members and invite them to experience the TEDxStanleyPark 2018 Conference with you and each other.


Group Leaders are required to perform the following 4 roles:

  • Choose a seat type that is affordable to your network – balcony back ($77), balcony front ($87), mezzanine ($97), wings ($107), dress circle ($117) or VIP ($127).
  • Invite your network to join you in your reserved section.
  • Serve as an attentive host to your guests on March 3.
  • Make lunch arrangements at a nearby restaurant to trigger deep conversations with and among your guests.


Group Leaders are compensated in the following 8 ways:

  • Seat sales to individuals – you’ll be paid a 20% commission for all seats bought by individuals using your unique tracking link; this commission will be paid to you in mid-March.
  • Seat sales to groups – you’ll be paid a 20% commission for 10 or more contiguous seats of any type bought with a single payment using your unique tracking link. This commission will be paid to you in mid-March. A buyer of 10 or more contiguous seats is designated a “Section Supporter” and receives reserved seating and 3 types of publicity.
  • Sponsorships – you’ll be paid a 20% commission for all cash contributions made by sponsors introduced by you. This commission will be paid to you within 15 days of receipt of a sponsor’s cash contribution.
  • Free tickets – you’ll be given a free ticket of your chosen seat type for every 15 tickets bought using your tracking link – you can use, gift or sell these tickets; these free tickets each come with a Bonus Bundle – 6 fun gifts valued at $325.
  • In-theatre publicity – back-of-seat signage that says “Reserved for WHATEVER NAME YOU WANT” on every seat in your reserved section.
  • Website publicity – either your headshot or your logo and a short (up to 30 words) description of you or your business will be displayed on our website.
  • Positioning – because your Group Leader activities are outside your regular scope, your group will see you in a new light – as a community leader.
  • A warm glow – you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping move the needle toward a better world.


As a Group Leader, you’ll receive 5 types of sales support:

  • Link – a unique tracking link.
  • Text – a sample text invitation to email to your network.
  • Collateral – various forms of digital and print collateral.
  • Fast response – your “sales manager” is the Producer – Roger Killen; he is committed to your success and will respond rapidly to any sales challenges you encounter.
  • Other – further sales support may be provided on a request by request basis e.g., you might want the Producer to address your network online or in person.


In addition to the above provisions, the following terms and conditions apply to the relationship between TEDxStanleyPark and each Group Leader:

  1. Group Leader Program seats are subject to availability.
  2. The same Terms and Conditions apply to all tickets i.e., tickets bought both outside and inside the Group Leader Program.
  3. TEDxStanleyPark makes no representation that the operation of its website will be error free or uninterrupted and will not be liable for the consequences of errors or interruptions.
  4. Group Leaders must advise TEDxStanleyPark of the first and last names and email address of each person to whom they give a free ticket at the time they give it.
  5. In its sole discretion, TEDxStanleyPark:
    • will conclude the Group Leader Program as ticket sales approach a full house; Group Leaders will be given a minimum of one week’s notice
    • may terminate a Group Leader’s participation in this Group Leader Program immediately and without notice or compensation if TEDxStanleyPark determines that his/her promotional methods are fraudulent, abusive or incompatible with TEDxStanleyPark’s mandate to give attendees a red carpet experience at every touchpoint
    • may modify any of the above provisions or terms and conditions; in such event each Group Leader will be notified by email and if any modification is not acceptable to a Group Leader, his/her only option is to withdraw from the Group Leader Program.