How To Get What You Really Want


Do you feel that your life isn’t going the way you want?

It’s easy to say you want change. . .

But how do you create it?

Many people spend their entire life discovering their personal desire. . .

But only a few live a life pursuing that purpose.

Meet our next speaker, Bosco.

At TEDxStanleyPark, he’s going to teach you about designing a change catalyst for society.

And personal transformation.

Bosco is a digital strategist and storyteller.

His background is in corporate sector.

He provides wisdom on thought leadership,

Also, business growth,

and critical thinking.

Bosco is a rebel at heart.

He is an avid blogger.

And recently launched an online TV show called ‘The Digital Dialogue’.

In 2013, at the Vancouver Social Media Awards, he was nominated as a finalist for best Business Blog.

You can find out more about TEDxStanleyPark HERE


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