Why Attend TEDxStanleyPark?

5 Reasons Why You Must Be At TEDxStanleyPark 2016


Our primary goal is to give guests a legendary experience by producing a suite of 15 diverse talks of such high content value that all speakers receive a standing ovation and their videos are viewed tens of thousands of time. Our talks:


  • inspire the mind
  • stimulate feelings and senses
  • foster learning, wonder and visionary insights
  • provoke conversations that matter
  • trigger actions that bring about positive change

To bring about this high content quality, we put our speakers’ content through a rigorous selection and development process. Then we support our speakers by assigning a coach and creating multiple rehearsal opportunities that are videotaped to enable each speaker to self-evaluate.


Another goal is to produce videos of our 15 talks of such high production value that they are designated by TED as TED Talk Videos. To bring this about, we employ the services of a professional videographer using state of the art equipment to produce top quality video and audio of each speaker.


TEDxStanleyPark does not hold its events in gymnasiums or classrooms but in quality theatres. The 2016 venue is the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in downtown Vancouver. This theatre has 2,640 excellent seats in rows with a generous rake to give good sight lines and great acoustics that enable guests to hear every word. The Queen Elizabeth Theatre has been home to countless award-winning productions. Our 2016 event and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre is a potent pairing.


Our attention to guests’ needs is intense:

  • be served by 50 hosts with smiles on their faces and service in their hearts
  • they enjoy many opportunities to interact with speakers, performers, sponsors, volunteers and each other during the event
  • their time in lineups is minimized
  • they can win deluxe door prizes including airline tickets, fine dining, performances, dinner cruises, mini-vacations, footwear and soft adventures
  • they can enjoy a deluxe lunch at a nearby restaurant
  • they can attend our event free from anywhere with an internet connection – in the interests of “ideas worth spreading” we livestream our event in real time.


Our attention to guests’ needs is intense:

  • we insist that TEDxStanleyPark’s environmental impact be as low as possible:
  • we do not follow the customary TEDx practice of giving each guest a ‘swag bag’ filled with branded giveaways; we believe that these bags and most of their contents end up in landfills
  • we source locally to reduce waste and transport-related emissions
  • we choose venues that are accessible by walking, bicycle and transit
  • our operations are as energy efficient as possible
  • our administration systems are as paperless as possible
  • we recycle as much of our waste as possible
  • we require our suppliers and service providers to follow sustainable practices.

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