The Sex Slavery Industry Nobody Is Talking About

Did you know the trafficking of children for sex slavery is the fastest criminal enterprise in the world?

Meet our next speaker Ryan Phillips who is a former professional hockey player.

He was forced to retire before his prime when he received a debilitating injured.

He grew restless.

And turned to smuggling drugs across the border before he was eventually caught.

After doing time in prison, he changed his life around.

He filmed a documentary called Return to Happiness.

It spawned a worldwide movement.

Ryan first encountered sex slavery when he was asked to participate in a charity bike ride, traveling 545 kilometres across Cambodia for the Somaly Mam Foundation.

Somaly was a sex worker who was sold into slavery but escaped and has dedicated her life to helping other sex workers break the chain of poverty and servitude.

Ryan got to meet Somaly in person during the bike ride and what she told him changed his life.

To find out more about Ryan’s story buy tickets HERE

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