Is There A Slave In Your Food?

There are 27 million people trapped in food slavery, according to the U.S. Department of State.

And the products of that labour is where you least expect them.

In our refrigerators.

In our pantries.

In almost everything we consume there is some dark secret.

Families are forced to relocate, usually to work on farms.

Indians are forced to work in Bangladesh in the tea industry and children forced to work on coca farms.

Food slavery is all around the world.

Let us introduce our next speaker Jules who has spent countless hours researching and analyzing the modern-day horror of forced labour.

She was mortified when she learnt that some of her favourite foods were built on the backs of slaves. Now she’s crusading to reduce forced labour around the world.

Jules is a mental health worker and clinical counsellor. She has worked with marginalized populations in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side since 2011.

You can listen to Jules speak at TEDxStanleyPark May 28th. You can buy tickets HERE

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