What does TED stand for?

TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged. TED is now an annual conference that brings together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to share ideas in diverse disciplines including technology, science, entertainment, motivation, social issues, health and wellness, entrepreneurship and the economy. The talks at the TED conference are then made available to watch for free at https://www.ted.com/talks.

What is TEDx?

With TED’s meteoric rise in popularity, demand for live, localized TED events increased too. In 2009, in the spirit of “ideas worth spreading”, TED created TEDx – a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share the TED conference-like experience at a very affordable price. At a TEDx event, live speakers combine with TED Talk videos to spark deep conversations based around ideas worth spreading. TEDx events are organized by local individuals under license from TED. In the order of 2,000 TEDx events now take place annually around the world.

What is the difference between a TED Conference and a TEDx event?

A TED Conference is a 5-day live event with a ticket price of at least US$8,500. Speakers are from around the world. Attendance is by application. TEDx events are one day or less, are live and the organizers and speakers are local. The ticket price is less than US$100 and attendees seldom need to apply to attend.


What is the vision of TEDxStanleyPark?

The vision of TEDxStanleyPark is to inspire its live and online audiences to brave actions that move the needle toward a better world. It does this by producing an annual conference that spotlights a diverse range of humanity’s tough, tangible, specific and universal challenges and offers innovative and optimistic solutions to those challenges. These solutions give legs to dreams of what could be.

What is the mission of TEDxStanleyPark?

The mission of TEDxStanleyPark is to produce a suite of talks of such high content and production value that our attendees are activated to do things that move the needle toward a better world.

What are TEDxStanleyPark’s beliefs?

TEDxStanleyPark has 4 core beliefs:

  1. we are a spark: we ignite ideas that unlock potential in open and fertile minds
  2. positive change happens when ideas that inspire, stimulate and energize are shared with a community of open minds and big hearts searching for ways to make a difference
  3. more is more: the more people who hear ideas worth spreading the better
  4. our word is our bond: we keep our promises and will not disappoint our guests, speakers, partners, suppliers, volunteers or the environment.

What is the theme for TEDxStanleyPark 2017?

Our perennial theme is Inspiring Brave Actions. This theme is born from our belief that all human achievement is rooted in 3 elements: the dreams that we dream, the decisions that we make, and the actions that we take. And the most impactful of these is the actions that we take.

Our Inspiring Brave Actions theme guides our selection of talks to those that power attitude shifts, trigger conversations that matter, lend support to worthy causes, provoke policy changes and launch movements.

How did TEDxStanleyPark get its name?

The ‘TEDxStanleyPark’ name was inspired by Vancouver’s iconic Stanley Park – both the park and the conference inspire, stimulate and energize their visitors. The TEDxStanleyPark conference is held in downtown Vancouver and NOT in Stanley Park.

What is TEDxStanleyPark’s history?

The first TEDxStanleyPark conference took place on Saturday, March 17, 2013 in front of 100 attendees at The Theatre inside the UBC Campus at Robson Square in downtown Vancouver. On Saturday, May 23, 2015 the second TEDxStanleyPark conference took place in front of 450 attendees at the Granville Island Stage located on Granville Island, Vancouver; it was sold out several weeks in advance and its 13 talks evoked 7 standing ovations. The third TEDxStanleyPark conference took place On Saturday, May 28, 2016 in front of 2,000 attendees at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in downtown Vancouver; all 15 speakers received standing ovations.


Who are your 2017 speakers and what are their talk titles?

1 Ashley Zahabian Ready, set, stuck
2 Bill Stainton Crack your cocoon
3 Elizabeth May Making every vote count
4 Stephen O’Keefe The lost art of listening
5 Jacqueline Way The 365give Challenge
6 Jill Prescott Let me tell you a secret
7 Jonathan Cote The future of cities
8 Melissa Haynes Playing with a lion’s testicles
9 Mike Shaw Grief happens
10 Shaun Frankson Yes, you can be a change agent
11 Steve Gill Escape addiction
12 Tamer Mohamed Bio printing human tissues
13 Vikram Vij A toxic pairing

How were these speakers chosen?

Scores of people submitted abstracts. 13 of these were selected on the basis of their content, the power of their call to action and their fit within an overall program. Each speaker was then assigned a coach and a multi-month talk development process began.

How can I become a TEDxStanleyPark speaker?

Express your interest by email to the producer – roger@tedxstanleypark.com

Will the speakers’ talks be available after the March 4 event?

The speakers’ videos will be made available a few weeks after March 4. Sign up for our newsletter as this is how we will let you know when and how to find them. Go to http://www.tedxstanleypark.com/ and click on Receive Updates.

How can I contact the speakers if I have a question?

The speakers will be available during the day on March 4. They are very searchable on various social media channels. Their email addresses and other co-ordinates appear in the program guide you’ll receive on March 4 and in the video descriptions. All the speakers will have downloaded the TEDxStanleyPark app.


Who is the producer?

The producer is Roger Killen: roger@tedxstanleypark.com or 604.408.0888

Who helps the producer?

TEDxStanleyPark has 10 teams: program, production, partnerships, video, marketing, sales, finance, administration, on-the-day hosting and after party. In total, it takes around 70 people to make TEDxStanleyPark a legendary experience for our guests, speakers, partners and suppliers.


How is the TEDxStanleyPark event different?

TEDxStanleyPark excels in 5 ways:

1. Superb Content:
Our primary goal is to activate attendees to do things that move the needle toward a better world. We achieve this by producing a suite of 13 diverse talks with high content value and activation energy.

2. Superb Production Value:
We produce high production value videos of our speakers’ talks. To bring this about, we employ the services of a professional videographer using state of the art equipment.

3. Superb Venue:
TEDxStanleyPark does not hold its events in gymnasiums, classrooms or ballrooms but in quality theatres. The 2017 venue is the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in downtown Vancouver. This theatre has 2,659 excellent seats in rows with a generous rake to give good sight lines and great acoustics that enable guests to hear every word. Our 2017 event and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre is a potent pairing.

4. Superb Hospitality:
Our attention to guests’ needs is intense:

  • they are served by 50 hosts with smiles on their faces and service in their hearts
  • their time in lineups is minimized
  • a continental breakfast is served at 8:00am
  • they can attend our event from anywhere with an internet connection – in the interests of “ideas worth spreading” we Livestream our event free, in real time and high-definition.

5. Superb Sustainability:
TEDxStanleyPark’s environmental impact is as low as possible:

  • we do not follow the customary TEDx practice of giving each guest a ‘swag bag’ filled with branded giveaways; we believe that these bags and most of their contents end up in landfills
  • we source locally to reduce waste and transport-related emissions
  • we choose venues that are accessible by walking, bicycle and transit
  • our administration systems are as paperless as possible
  • we recycle as much of our waste as possible
  • we require our suppliers to follow sustainable practices


What is the event day, date and time?

TEDxStanleyPark will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2017. Breakfast is served and the registration kiosks open at 8:00am. The lobby and auditorium doors, coat check, food concessions and lobby exhibits open at 8:30am. The event concludes no later than 6pm. The after party commences at 6:05pm and runs until 9:00pm.


Where is the TEDxStanleyPark 2017 event being held?

At the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 650 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, V6B 5N6, phone 604.665.3050.

Why is TEDxStanleyPark NOT being held in Stanley Park?

TEDxStanleyPark is the name of an event and not a location. The name was chosen to capture the spirit of Stanley Park which stimulates, inspires and energizes its visitors.

What landmarks are close to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre?

West Georgia Street and the Vancouver Public Library are to the south, Dunsmuir Street and Vancouver Community College (City Centre Campus) are to the north and Cambie Street and the Beatty Street Armoury are to the east of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

How do I get to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre?

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre is centrally located and easy to get to by foot, bicycle, Skytrain, bus and car:

  • Foot – it is a 10-minute walk from West Georgia and Burrard and a 5-minute walk from West Georgia and Granville
  • Bicycle – take the dedicated bicycle lane on Dunsmuir, Richards or Homer and park your bike and helmet safely with The Bicycle Valet
  • Skytrain – Stadium-Chinatown is 2 short blocks away and Vancouver Centre is 4 blocks away
  • Bus – numerous buses stop at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre: 99A, 240 and 246
  • Car – drive east on West Georgia Street and north on to Hamilton Street or drive west on Dunsmuir and south on to Cambie Street.

Where can I park my car?

There are several car public parking options:

  • a. below the Queen Elizabeth Theatre – $8 from 6am to 6pm
  • b. in the International Village Mall (3 blocks east) – $15 from 9am to 9pm
  • c. underneath Robson Square (6 blocks away) – $5 all day
  • d. several EasyPark lots and other all day parking options are nearby and at very affordable prices.


Why did you choose the Queen Elizabeth Theatre?

Because it has several desirable features:

  • 2,659 comfortable seats (including 16 wheelchair spaces)
  • wide rather than deep to allow all guests to feel close to the stage
  • rows with a generous rake to give good sight lines
  • superb acoustics
  • in-house food and beverage concession
  • big lobby to support networking
  • easy internal traffic flow with few bottlenecks
  • high-capacity bathrooms
  • close to 26 restaurants
  • close to several inexpensive all-day parking lots
  • accessible by foot, skytrain, bus, car and bicycle
  • private on site salons for large groups to have lunch.

Can seats be reserved?

We have divided the auditorium into 4 sections: VIP section, Premium Rows section, General Admission section and Balcony section. Seats can be bought in the VIP, General Admission and Balcony sections but specific seats in those sections are filled on a first come first served basis. Premium Rows are in the Orchestra Centre Section and Right and Left Centre Sections. Specific Premium Rows can be bought.

Is the Queen Elizabeth Theatre wheelchair accessible?

Yes. There are 16 wheelchair spaces with companion seats.

What assistance is available for hearing impaired guests?

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre supplies hearing assist devices free as a courtesy.


What is the program?

The day’s program features 13 high-impact talks, 4 TED Talk Videos, 25-minute mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshment breaks and a 90-minute lunch break.

When do things happen?

At 8:00am the registration kiosks open and breakfast is served. At 8:30am the lobby and auditorium doors, coat check, food concessions and lobby exhibits open. The program starts at 10am. The first refreshment break is at around 11:20am for 25 minutes. Lunch is from 1:20pm to 2:50pm. The mid-afternoon break is at around 3:50pm for 25 minutes. The program concludes no later than 6pm. The after party starts at 6:05pm and runs until 9:00pm.

What experience should guests expect?

We describe TEDxStanleyPark as a “legendary” annual event. What gives us the right to use the word “legendary”? A part of it is the quality of our talks. Another part is our choice of venue. But the biggest part is the distance we go beyond the extra mile to give our guests a memorable experience featuring:

  • 13 high-impact 10 to 18 minute talks that inspire the mind, stimulate feelings and senses, foster learning, wonder and visionary insights, provoke conversations that matter and trigger actions that bring about positive change
  • 4 short, humorous TED Talk Videos
  • a commemorative program guide
  • deluxe door prizes
  • complimentary continental breakfast
  • radical hospitality throughout.

You’ll laugh, you’ll clap, you’ll cry and you’ll cringe and you’ll walk away with actionable wisdom.

How interactive is the event?

There are frequent opportunities for guests to interact with each other and with the speakers. To maximize interactivity, TEDxStanleyPark provides attendees with an app and publishes the speakers’ co-ordinates in its program guide.

Is the event being webcast?

Yes. We believe in “ideas worth spreading” and feel that webcasting our event is a great way to amplify the reach and impact of our speakers’ talks. Viewers can watch the event free on their computers, smartphones and TVs from any location in the world with an internet connection.

Can I take video or photographs at the event?

You cannot shoot video, audio or photographs inside the auditorium. Outside the auditorium you are welcome to shoot video, audio and photographs.

Will I be allowed into the auditorium if I arrive late?

Yes, but you’ll be asked to be as quiet and non-disruptive as possible.

Can I bring my baby or toddler?

No. Babies and toddlers have a habit of crying at the most inopportune moments.

Can I bring my teenager?

Yes but be aware that some of the talks contain mature content.

Is there an after party?

TEDxStanleyPark is hosting an after party to give partners and suppliers the opportunity to meet our speakers and energizers. Because of space constraints it is by invitation only. We encourage you to arrange your own after party to talk about what you have just heard. There are 26 restaurants nearby – see the Food & Beverage FAQ below.


How do I keep up to date with developments?

Sign up for our newsletter – this is the primary vehicle for us to keep you informed of ongoing developments. Go to http://www.tedxstanleypark.com/ and click on the Receive Updates button.

How do I view the videos after the event?

Sign up for our newsletter – this is how we will notify you when each video is released. Go to http://www.tedxstanleypark.com/ and click on the Receive Updates button.

How do I contact you if I have a question?

You have 2 ways to contact us:


Where can I buy tickets?

Go to http://www.tedxstanleypark.com/roger/

If you want to buy a complete row of 13, 14 , 15 or 16 seats contact Roger Killen at roger@tedxstanleypark.com or 604.408.0888.

How many tickets can I buy?

Subject to availability, there is no limit on the number of tickets that you can buy. If you require a large block of contiguous seats please contact Roger Killen at roger@tedxstanleypark.com or 604.408.0888.

How much does a ticket cost?

VIP tickets cost $127+GST (this drops to $117 when you buy a full row of VIP seats). General admission tickets cost $97+GST. Balcony tickets cost $77+GST.

How do I pay for tickets?

You can pay online with a credit card for individual tickets.If your require a complete row of seats you can pay by cheque or Interac – contact Roger Killen at roger@tedxstanleypark.com or 604.408.0888.

Do you issue physical tickets?

No. All you need to claim your conference bracelet (which is what gives you admission to the event) on March 4 is your first and last names and your email address.

What is your ticket refund policy?

All tickets purchased are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What is your ticket transfer policy?

All tickets purchased are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What is your satisfaction guarantee policy?

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that we meet or exceed our attendees’ expectations. However, we cannot guarantee their satisfaction. All tickets purchased are non-refundable and non-transferable.


How do I get into the Queen Elizabeth Theatre?

The entry into the Queen Elizabeth Theatre is through the double glass doors at 650 Hamilton Street. You will have to show the uniformed attendants your bracelet. You can pick up your bracelet in two ways:

  1. The day before – from 10:00am to 8:00pm on Friday, March 3, 2017 at the QET box office at 950 Hamilton Street, or
  2. The day of – from 8:00am to 10:00am on Saturday, March 4, 2017 you can pick up your bracelet inside the Vancouver Community College (where you’ll be having your breakfast), or at the QET’s box office. After 10:00am you can pick it up only at the QET’s box office.

When can I get into the auditorium?

The auditorium doors are opened at 8:30am.

Is the auditorium open at lunchtime?

Yes, but food and beverages cannot be taken inside.

Is there a coat check?

Yes, the cost is $2 per item.


Where can I get a snack during the refreshment breaks?

TEDxStanleyPark does not supply snacks. You have 2 options:

  • you can bring your own snacks and beverages
  • you can buy snacks and beverages from the concessions in the lobby of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

You are not permitted to bring food or beverages into the auditorium.

Where can I have breakfast, lunch or dinner?

TEDxStanleyPark will provide you with a complimentary continental breakfast. This is served from 8:00am  to 10:00am in the lobby of the Vancouver Community College – 60m north of the QET.

For lunch you have several options:

  • you can bring your own food and drinks (note: there are very few seats in the QET lobby and you cannot take food or drinks into the auditorium)
  • you can buy snacks from the concessions in the lobby
  • you can take advantage of the arrangements that TEDxStanleyPark has struck with several nearby restaurants
  • you can go independently to any of the 20+ nearby restaurants:

Back Forty
118 Robson St.

Bogart’s Tasting Bar
121 Robson St.

Boston Pizza
808 Beatty St.

568 Beatty St.

Delicious Pho
255 Robson St.

Devil’s Elbow
562 Beatty St.

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen
765 Beatty St.

Glowbal Grill
590 W. Georgia St.

Kung Fu Noodle
682 Seymour St.

Library Square
300 W. Georgia St.

Moxie’s Grill & Bar
180 W. Georgia St.

Original Joe’s
298 Robson St.

Patron Tacos & Cantina
265 Robson St.

Ricky’s All Day Grill
111 Dunsmuir St.

Ryuu Japanese Kitchen
757 Seymour St.

Triple O’s
700 Hamilton St.

White Spot
405 Dunsmuir St.


What are you doing to be sustainable?

We are committed to leaving as small an environmental footprint as possible and are taking the following measures to make that happen:

  • we do not follow the customary TEDx practice of giving each guest a ‘swag bag’ filled with branded giveaways; we believe that these bags and most of their contents end up in landfills
  • we source locally to reduce waste and transport-related emissions
  • we choose venues that are accessible by walking, bicycle and transit
  • we encourage our guests to ride their bicycles to and from our venue – The Bicycle Valet parks them safely while they attend the event
  • our operations are as energy efficient as possible
  • our administration systems are as paperless as possible
  • we recycle as much of our waste as possible
  • we require our suppliers to follow sustainable practices.


What is the demographic makeup of your guests?

Our 2,659 live guests, and tens of thousands of online guests, are “TEDsters”:  30 to 60 year old working professionals with household incomes in excess of $110,000 and well above average levels of formal education.

What is the psychographic makeup of your guests?

TEDsters are open and civic minded, curious and motivated to make a difference.

How do I become a partner/sponsor of TEDxStanleyPark?

We customize each partnership relationship. Please contact Roger Killen at roger@tedxstanleypark.com or 604.408.0888 for more information.

What do I get for being a partner?

All partners receive various forms of publicity, seats and other exploitable commercial potential. Each partnership is designed on a case by case basis. TEDxStanleyPark is open to all sorts of creative ways to building win:win partnerships. Contact Roger Killen at roger@tedxstanleypark.com or 604.408.0888.


How do I become a volunteer?

All our volunteer positions are filled. Sorry.


What are your plans for 2018?

We plan to hold our 2018 event in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Saturday, March 3, 2018.

What is the 2018 theme?

Our theme will remain “Ideas to Action”.

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