Are You Addicted to Technology?

Are you addicted to technology?

The Facebook notifications, the tweets, the emails are all great.

Who doesn’t love them?

I’m sure you know somebody who obsessively checks how many likes they have every two minutes.

Maybe even you’re that person.

People are more glued to their phones and computer screens then every before.

Perhaps is it leading to an epidemic of loneliness and emotional injury.

For the most part technology has improved our lives greatly but it is changing the way we do everything—not the very least how we communicate.

An estimated 40% of us feel some sort of detachment and isolation in some point in our lives.

And chronic loneliness can lead to depression and suicide.

We want to introduce our next speaker to you Galya Westler a technologist and entrepreneur. She is the founder of 2Galvanize, a mobile social app builder and the President of the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters.

When Galya moved from Israel, she felt disconnected from all her friends and family which lead her to connect people using technology and online communities.

If you would like to find out more about Galya you can buy tickets for TEDxStanleyPark HERE


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