5 Reasons You Should Attend TEDxStanleyPark

Have you ever been to a conference that left you feeling drained and disappointed? How about that corporate retreat that totally missed the mark? It’s safe to say most people have had that experience.

TEDxStanleyPark is unlike any other event. It brings 15 diverse, high-impact speakers that will make you laugh, make you cry, and move you in ways you never thought possible.

TEDxStanleyPark embodies the spirit of Stanley Park as a central meeting spot for Vancouver. The land was originally used by First Nations before colonized by the British and turned into a 1,000-acre park. In 2014, TripAdvisor named Stanley Park as the best park in the entire world. As we step up and take the world stage, we aim to live up to our namesake. The beauty of Stanley Park is part of our past and will be part of our future as we look to innovate, foster learning, and bring people closer together.

In his post we take a look at 5 reasons to attend TEDxStanleyPark this year at the Queen Elizabeth Theater in 2016.


1) We Provide Excellent Networking Opportunities


At TEDxStanleyPark it’s not all about sitting and listening. You have the opportunity to participate and discuss the talks on social media or in person. During the breaks, you’ll be able to build relationships with others in the audience, whether it is co-workers, entrepreneurs, or influencers. You can also dine at the local restaurants and have a chance to explore the surrounding area.


2) We Have An Amazing Venue


We realize that no matter how amazing the speakers are, you won’t be able to absorb what they are saying if you’re in uncomfortable seats, in a bad venue, and have horrible acoustics. This year, TEDxStanleyPark is excited to be at the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Theater, one of the premier venues in the city.  It is in the heart of downtown, accessible by car or transit. It is the home of Ballet BC and the Vancouver Opera, and has over 2,600 excellent seats.


3) Gives You the Chance to Become a Thought Leader


When you go to TEDxStanleyPark you have the chance to be exposed to ground-breaking ideas and be at the forefront of technology. With so many amazing speakers, with unique voices, you’ll leave with so many new perspectives on ways we can tackle the world’s big problems. Each speaker will present at least one action you can take away and apply.

You can then use these Talks to shape and influence other people’s thinking. After the event, the talks will be loaded online so you can share them with your friends, co-workers, and family, giving you the opportunity to be seen as an innovator in your field and a thought leader.


4) An Entire Day of Entertainment


TEDxStanleyPark is not the spinach of event conferences—good for you but hard to swallow. Not only is TEDxStanelyPark informative, but it’s also fun, exciting, and entertaining. TEDxStanleyPark has hired top-notch videographers who will use the best video and audio equipment to produce some of the most-talked-about TED talks on the web.

There will also be fun energizers between the talks to shake things up a bit, amazing visual graphics displayed through the day, and a Twitter feed on the big screen so you can share your thoughts and ideas with the entire audience.


5) TEDxStanleyPark Triggers Actions To Inspire Positive Change.


And lastly and perhaps most importantly, you will come away feeling inspired and upbeat about the future. Humankind must continue to evolve and change if we hope to thrive. But we can’t unless we take action to positively change the world we live in. TEDxStanleyPark is designed to make your neighbourhood, society and the world, a healthier, happier and better place to live.

TED Talks have become more than a conference; it has become a movement with over a billion views worldwide and over 2,000 talks available online. Don’t miss out on this global phenomenon. TEDxStanleyPark is your chance to innovate and discover ideas worth spreading—putting those ideas into action to make our city and our word a better place.

Each week TEDxStanleyPark will release the name of another one of its amazing speakers to the public. Don’t miss out on any updates.

To purchase tickets click HERE.



Joel Mark Harris is the Director of Content Marketing and editor at TEDxStanleyPark. Joel has had the advantage of being a life-long Vancouverite. He is proud to live in a city that constantly tops lists proclaiming Vancouver as one the world’s most liveable cities. He grew up by UBC and now lives in beautiful North Vancouver. His posts focus on Vancouver and the city’s thought leaders. Please feel free to share your opinions below.



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