March 4th, 2017

Inspiring Brave Actions

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Vancouver, Canada


TEDxStanleyPark is one of the world’s largest TED conferences. It is held every March in Vancouver, British Columbia. High-impact talks address a diverse range of humanity’s tough challenges and offer practical and optimistic solutions. These talks inspire, stimulate and activate thoughtful optimists with open minds and big hearts to move the needle toward a better world.



Crack the Cocoon

Humanity needs creative ideas to solve its tough challenges. When we don’t talk to strangers, don’t travel and don’t learn new things, we deny ourselves the inputs that source creative ideas. By venturing outside our comfort zone we can collect and then connect new experiences. These are the source of human creativity. Bill Stainton is a 29-time Emmy® Award winning Executive Producer, speaker, and author. He helps innovative leaders and their teams create breakthrough results in their businesses.


Ready, Set, Stuck

Many really bright and capable people should move ahead but don’t because they lack emotional intelligence. This arrests their personal lives, their family’s cohesiveness, business growth and humanity’s evolution. With great emotional intelligence they can become unstuck. Ashley Zahabian is one of the top female motivational speakers in the world at just 21, spreading awareness on how emotional intelligence brings upward mobility in career and life environments.


Eating & Tweeting

Eating and socializing are a powerful pairing that is being undermined by the ubiquitous use of smart phones in restaurants. By resisting the urge to call or text, we can recover two of life’s great joys – food and friendship. Vikram Vij is an Indian chef based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He runs award-winning restaurants - Vij’s, Rangoli and My Shanti - and is a passionate advocate of eating locally-produced foods.




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